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A new style of graveyard concerns people's physical and mental need.

Personal Project

People are afraid of death, so they think death is heavy. The essence of death is to return everything to nature. It is a process of letting the body and the spirit go with the wind. The purpose of Graveyard in Park is making people have a better understanding of death, and try to not fear death. Let death become lighter in people's minds, and also make memorial building presenting lighting in the city.

Layer 2.jpg

Based on the concept of "Lightness", the cemetery is no longer a symbol of sadness but a symbol of entelechy and thinking. By adding various functions, such as a cafe and exhibition, the graveyard is not only a memorizing place but also a place to satisfy local people's daily needs.



Three stories to meet multi-functions.

Push the third cuboid to move horizontally. Push the second volume in to create recessed outdoor space. Keep the first volume static.

Cut the second volume to create experience of elevating while ascending the ramp.

Put two structural support.

Add a small pool to create a lighter feeling and provide people different places for diverse activities.

Graveyard in Park

Three stories represent "Light-Dark-Light" three levels of the cemetery. First floor is cafe and exhibition which are used by nearby residents and visitors.  Second floor is the depressing part which consists of cremains boxes and tall walls. Third floor is a huge space for ceremony and touching holy light.

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