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Let communication happens

Personal project

City Hotel is located in Tianjin, China. Tianjin is a historical city with many places of interest. The hotel is near a residential area, and it accesses to many places of interest conveniently. It provides opportunities for communication between different countries. Sitting in the cafe, visitors can enjoy wonderful coffee and beautiful scenery outside of the window. Roaming in the exhibition hall, visitors can learn more about Tianjin traditional art.


Site Study


Process of Concept

A glass volume contains the hotel lobby.

Five tangible volumes insert in the glass volume. These irregular volumes make the hotel fuse with the city.

Five tangible volumes consist of private areas, semi-public areas, and public areas. Irregular volumes ensure customers having different views of the city.

Lift the edges of volumes for making customers have a better city view.

Hotel in Tianjin
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